[SBIMC-general] Call-Out to Indy Media Producers Opposed to I-69!

efindiana at riseup.net efindiana at riseup.net
Thu Jun 5 14:43:23 PDT 2008

Friends, Comrades, Artists, Writers, anyone with a Camera,

The fight against the NAFTA Superhighway in Southern Indiana is in full
swing!  On May 19th, the first tree sit went up in the branches.  Over two
weeks later, it's still there and growing!  This marks the beginning of
this Summer's direct action campaign against I-69... but only the very
beginning.  There's more to come, and we need to find ways to document and
publicize everything that is and will be happening.

To that end, we have a media office that's coordinating contact with the
corporate news.  But we all know just how far you can trust the
for-profit capitalist press.  To that end, we'd love to establish a team
of independent mediaistas.  So if you're a photographer, videographer,
web-designer, blogger, journalist, editor, or researcher, we need your

Here are some on-going projects that you could plug into:

* The Roadblock Report, a regular newsletter for allies and the general
public (roadblockreport at yahoo.com).

* The I-69 Media Working Group serves as a clearing house for campaign
media contacts and distribution; if you want to help with
press-releases, statements and media outreach, get in touch with these
folks (i69media at yahoo.com).

* The I-69 Listening Project is dedicated to recording the stories of the
people who live along the route and will lose their land and homes to the
highway.  The folks bottom-lining this can be reached at
i69listeningproject at yahoo.com

Those are ongoing efforts; a couple ideas for new
projects include:

* Idependent Media Centers (IMCs) from different regions could sign up for
staffing an "anti-I-69 IMC" for a period of a week or two throughout the
summer.  That way, people from all over the country can come and get
aquainted with the I-69 campaign; people with independent media creation
skills can help train long term anti-I-69ers and local radicals; and there
will be constant, quality coverage of the summer's activities.  If this
project happened to evolve into a Southwestern Indiana Regional IMC, that
would be totally awesome.

* Form a documentary affinity group dedicated to recording the
history, present and future of resistance to I-69.  You might think of it
as a listening project *within* the campaign, a chance to record the
efforts, emotions and motivations of the folks who are dedicating weeks,
months, and years of their lives to stopping this fucking road.  Then
package it up all pretty and distribute all throughout the land!  It could
be the next "Pickaxe!"

* Anything else media-related that will ensure NAFTA never gets its highway!

See you at the blockades!

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