[Seattletech] Seattle IMC computer assets

Brandon Faloona brandon at faloona.net
Wed Oct 19 20:26:36 PDT 2005

The radio was using windows 2000 and winamp with various winamp plugins. 
It also had a playlist solution written with a windows batch file.

I could never get it to run reliably after Nathaniel left town. I tried 
converting the whole thing to linux, but was unsuccessful.

So, not much knowledge to transfer.


Laury wrote:
> An even more important issues, is how do transfer the knowledge 
> regarding Seattle IMC Radio?  We've got someone with an interest in 
> broadcasting a long interview, and the radio would be a great vehicle, 
> if we knew how it worked ... or why it doesn't work.   Did you document 
> any procedures?  What software were you using?  Is it part of MIR?  Or 
> something else?
> -- Laury
> On Oct 11, 2005, at 12:26 AM, brandon wrote:
>> Rick Harrison wrote:
>>> Per Brandon's question, if they are what i think they
>>> is, would we not be lucky to find someone to take
>>> them?  All are Pentiums 1's, right? With either 64 or
>>> 128 meg o' ram, yes?
>> They are Pentium II / 200mhz, I think.
>> -brandon

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