[Seattletech] Agenda Items for Today's Tech Meeting

Laury webshiva at mac.com
Sun Jan 28 11:11:19 PST 2007

Below are the agenda items for today's 3 - 5 pm meeting at The Gayton  
Family Meeting Room in the Douglass-Truth Branch of the Seattle  
Public Library (2300 E. Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98122)

-- Laury

Tech Meeting

1) Introductions

2) Status of the current site
	a) Support Level
	b) Hardware Issues
	c) Performance issues

3) MIR
	a) Code/publishing bugs
	b) Request for additional pages/sections
	c) RSS

4)  GUI design changes
	a) Brainstorming session
	b) Prioritization of design changes

5) Functional changes to the site
	a) Brainstorming session
	b) Prioritization of functional changes

6) High level project plan

7) Outreach
	a) Finding additional tech volunteers
	b) Reaching out to other stakeholders

8) Future meetings
	a) Agenda Items for the March meeting
	b) Dates for upcoming meetings
	c) Breakout meetings/committees
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