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Indybay Weekly Update For Wednesday January  9th 2008

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* Upcoming Events
* 'Parking Lot Panic Law' Used to Disperse Drummers in Santa Cruz
* WRAN Calls for Moratorium on Cellular Antennas and WiFi in Santa Cruz County
* 643 Documented Complaints Following Aerial Pesticide Spraying
* On-going Protest of Fur Shop Kicks Off on Fur-Free Friday
* Green Party Presidential Candidates to Debate in SF on January 13th
* Peace and Freedom Party Candidate Forums 
* The Ron Paul “Revolution,” an Extreme Rightwing Threat
* Conspiracy Charge Dropped Against 5 of the SF 8
* Musings From Within the Triple Fun Zone
* Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra
* Judge Issues Final Order to Protect Smelt as Delta Fish Populations Plummet


January  9th  7:30 AM: CodePINK No Military Predators in Our Town - Day of Action (Critical Mass)

January  9th  7:00 PM: "Elections, Lies and Torture Tapes" Presentation & Discussion with Larry Everest (Teach-In)

January  9th  7:00 PM: BACORR: Reproductive Rights meeting to prepare for Counter-demonstration (Meeting)

January 10th  8:30 AM: CodePINK Yoga for Peace at the Station (Critical Mass)

January 10th  8:30 AM: SF8 Court Date (Court Date)

January 10th 12:00 PM: MECA: Cost of War Iraq Children Action at the Station (Teach-In)

January 11th  3:00 PM: Kiss-in at the station: Don't Enlist, Stay& Kiss - that way EVERYBODY Makes Out!! (Training)

January 11th  4:00 PM: Candlelight Protest to Shut Down Guantanamo (Protest)

January 11th  7:00 PM: 6th Anniversary of Guantanamo - Discussion and Film Screening (Screening)

January 11th  7:30 PM: 2008 U.S. Presidential Contest & the Socialist Alternative (Panel Discussion)

January 11th  8:30 PM: SF Labor TV On Striking WGA Writers and Interview With James Dalessandro (Screening)

January 12th 10:00 AM: Ban Taser Meeting (Meeting)

January 12th 12:00 PM: Saturday January 12 - Anti-fur demonstration in Oakland (Protest)

January 12th  1:00 PM: SF: Peace and Freedom Party's Presidential Candidates' Forum (Conference)

January 13th  2:00 PM: Support the tree-sitters at the Oak Grove: every Sunday (Vigil/Ritual)

January 13th  2:00 PM: Green Campaign 2008: A Presidential Debate That Matters (Panel Discussion)

January 15th  1:00 PM: SF’s Response to Youth Gangs: Programs or Punishment? (Meeting)

January 15th  7:30 PM: Scott Ritter & Jeff Cohen in Walnut Creek Jan. 15 (Speaker)

January 15th  7:30 PM: Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq (Speaker)

January 15th  7:30 PM: Meeting Resistance film screening and Q&A with directors (Other)

More Events On Indybay's Calendar:

'Parking Lot Panic Law' Used to Disperse Drummers in Santa Cruz
SCPD Evict Drum Circle at Santa Cruz Farmers Market
01/08/08 - police | santacruz
On two successive Wednesdays, December 26th and January 2nd, police officers ordered a peaceful drum circle to leave the parking lot on Cedar Street alongside the Santa Cruz Farmers Market. The police are enforcing a new municipal ordinance, which went into effect in mid-November, that activists refer to as the 'Parking Lot Panic Law.' The merchant-backed law prohibits lingering in a parking lot or garage, unless you have a vehicle there (and then only for fifteen minutes).

WRAN Calls for Moratorium on Cellular Antennas and WiFi in Santa Cruz County
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 Violates the 1st Amendment
01/08/08 - poverty | santacruz
The Wireless Radiation Alert Network (WRAN) educates Santa Cruz County community members on the adverse health effects related to Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure in the extremely-low frequency (ELF) and radiofrequency (RF) band of the electromagnetic spectrum (1-300GHz). Energies of these frequencies, called non-ionizing, are used in electrical transmission, distribution and electrical use by the public, by radio and tv broadcasts, cellular transmissions, wireless internet access and more. WRAN promote alternatives to wireless communication systems, for example the use of fiber optics and coaxial cables and to preserve existing landline phone networks.

643 Documented Complaints Following Aerial Pesticide Spraying
Hundreds Report Illnesses Following Recent Aerial Pesticide Spraying
01/08/08 - poverty | santacruz
As of December 20, 2007 various governmental agencies and public interest groups have received 643 documented complaints from Monterey and Santa Cruz area residents who believe they suffered adverse short-term reactions following the aerial spraying of pesticide pheromones on their cities in September, October, and November 2007. Of the 643 complaints, 509 are reported here for the first time, along with the original 134 complaints of adverse reactions following the aerial spraying of the Monterey area in September which were released to state agencies and the press in October.

On-going Protest of Fur Shop Kicks Off on Fur-Free Friday
J. Malnick's in Oakland Targeted as the Only Major Fur Retailer in the East Bay
01/07/08 - animalliberation
On Friday, November 24th, ("Fur-Free Friday") approximately 10 individuals protested the selling of fur at J. Malnick's at 1901 Broadway in Oakland.  Protesters educated passers-by about the horrors of the fur industry, including how animals are commonly killed using cruel methods including poisoning, gassing and anal electrocution and how cat and dog fur is often mislabeled as coming from another animal.  Further demonstrations have been regularly scheduled.

Green Party Presidential Candidates to Debate in SF on January 13th
Bay Area Green Party Organizations to Hold Presidential Debate
01/07/08 - california | government
On Sunday, January 13th, a candidates whose names will appear on the California Green Party primary ballot on February 5th will come together for a debate.  The event will begin at 2:00pm in the Herbst Theater/Veteran's Memorial Building at 401 Van Ness Ave. in San Francisco.  Cindy Sheehan and Matt Gonzalez will be moderating, and Cynthia McKinney, non-candidate Ralph Nader, Jared Ball, and Kent Mesplay will be in attendance.

Peace and Freedom Party Candidate Forums 
Statewide Events to Inform Voters About Peace and Freedom Party Candidates
01/07/08 - california | government
The Peace and Freedom Party will hold six presidential candidate forums this weekend to inform voters about their choices on the February 5th presidential preference primary ballot.  These events will be in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego, starting with a January 11th forum in Sacramento.  

The Ron Paul “Revolution,” an Extreme Rightwing Threat
Debating Revolution, Individual Liberty, States' Rights, and Ron Paul
01/06/08 - government | santacruz
Steven Argue writes, "For the most part the Iowa caucuses were business as usual for the Democrat and Republican Parties. Among the Democrats, 'anti-war' and 'pro-single payer health care' Democrat Dennis Kucinich put his support behind pro-war, anti-single payer health care Barack Obama. Yet on the far right, anti-war Libertarian and Republican Ron Paul gained a stunning 10% of the vote."

Conspiracy Charge Dropped Against 5 of the SF 8
Richard O'Neal Likely to Be Freed as Charges Against Him are Dropped
01/05/08 - police
On Friday, January 4th, prosecutors in the San Francisco 8 case announced that they are, in effect, dropping the conspiracy count   against 5 of the men because the statute of limitations on conspiracy charges has expired.  Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Hank Jones and Harold Taylor now only   face one count, the alleged murder of a San Francisco Police Officer   in 1971. The case against Richard O'Neal must now be dismissed since   he was originally charged only in the conspiracy count.  On January 10th, their lawyers will ask that the conspiracy count be dropped against the other 3 men.  

Musings From Within the Triple Fun Zone
An Open Letter Regarding the Last Night DIY Celebration
01/04/08 - arts | santacruz
Rico writes, "This year, the third year of the Last Night DIY celebration, did you notice the trend of the city starting to claim the party as it's own? It's awesome to feel accepted of course, but it's a double-edged sword. After the first couple years of getting nothing but grief from the cautious city administrators, conservative local media, and uniformed fascists, this year the Senile and the Good Times claimed that the celebration was "quickly becoming a Santa Cruz tradition," and "was a uniquely Santa Cruz event." Hahaha. That cracks me up."

Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra
"Music To Help You Rob A Bank"
01/04/08 - arts
Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra writes, "Invite us to wade through teargas with you, or break through police lines, to create a distraction while you rob a bank to redistribute the wealth in the name of the Cause. Invite us to help tear down the walls of oppression -- understand that it is totally okay if you mean this literally."

Judge Issues Final Order to Protect Smelt as Delta Fish Populations Plummet
Delta Smelt: Order to Protect as Fish Populations Plummet
01/04/08 - environment | centralvalley
A federal judge's written order on Friday, December 14 to protect delta smelt was welcome news for the California Delta and those who are battling to protect it, in light of the continuing collapse of the Bay-Delta ecosystem revealed by the latest Dept. of Fish and Game surveys. Judge Oliver Wanger of the U.S. District Court in Fresno issued his final written order to put in place a decision he initially made on August 31. Environmental groups say this ruling will protect the smelt and the Bay-Delta Estuary ecosystem from "being further degraded by fresh water diversions."  

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