[Sfbay-video] Current Posting

Lisa Sousa saffronstarz at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 16:58:38 PDT 2005

does anyone else feel pukey when they think of Current
TV (what once was called INDtv)?

is there a diff between this and mtv, if there is,
what is it? Doesn't this seem like major cooptation of
the independent media movement or something?

just wondering.


p.s. and what the hell is wrong with all those artists
that participated in that 'take back tv' (barf) street

--- Josh Soskin <jsoskin at currentmedia.com> wrote:
> Hi. So...here's my post. It's also attached as a
> word doc. Let me know if
> I'm leaving anything out. 
> New TV Network, Current offers development deal for
> best 1-5min video

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