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Hey Lisa-- thanks for your feedback, although actually a lot of people in
the bay area do not feel the way you do nor did Mayor Newsome, Mos Def,
Talib Kwali, Sean Penn, Spike Jones, Spearhead, the Youth Speaks poets and
everyone else that was at our event. 5,000 San Franciscans came to support
us because we're trying to do something unprecedented and something that
will be a great thing for filmmakers and viewers alike who are sick of the
"corporate pukey" stuff you're talking about. Our programming will have
little to do with MTV's--they are a music and as of late a celebrity
obsessed network. We are a news and information network with a different
voice and a real opportunity for others to be heard. We are independent
because we are not owned by one of the major corporate conglomerates and
thus can afford to tell different stories than traditional networks. We are
also independent because we're not the only ones making our programming.
We're letting anyone with a camera participate and we're letting other
people decide what they want to see by voting on the submissions. We're
letting anyone who wants to be involved, help make and shape what's on
television. I think that's pretty cool. If you have any more questions, why
don't you email me directly at jsoskin at currentmedia.com or come to the
Current Meetup next Wednesday where you can discuss things like free media,
TV and Current with 80 other filmmakers from SF including myself. Best, Josh

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does anyone else feel pukey when they think of Current
TV (what once was called INDtv)?

is there a diff between this and mtv, if there is,
what is it? Doesn't this seem like major cooptation of
the independent media movement or something?

just wondering.


p.s. and what the hell is wrong with all those artists
that participated in that 'take back tv' (barf) street

--- Josh Soskin <jsoskin at currentmedia.com> wrote:
> Hi. So...here's my post. It's also attached as a
> word doc. Let me know if
> I'm leaving anything out. 
> New TV Network, Current offers development deal for
> best 1-5min video

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