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>Weekly Calendar
>Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday, 
>December 8th for Wonder Show, ATA's year-end 
>party and fundraiser. We had a great turn out 
>and tons of fun despite the rain. We will post 
>pictures and footage soon so you can re-live the 
>There is still time to send in your year-end 
>donation to ATA! Visit us online at 
>http://www.atasite.org/donate/ to send in your 
>donation and get one (or all!) of this year's 
>limited edition compilation DVDs, CDs or print 
>collections. ATA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, 
>all-volunteer, artist-run organization. All 
>donations go towards ATA's programming and 
>operational expenses. We rely on the support of 
>our community to continue in our mission to 
>encourage and support low-cost screenings for 
>emerging artists.
>:: ATA Screenings
>Wednesday, December 13, 2006. 8PM $3
>Animations of Identity: Introductions
>Work by students from City College of San Francisco
>works by:
>Mark Christensen
>Eric Dekker
>Vicki Demartini-Ruggeri
>Oscar Fabiani
>Christina Golde
>Pesya Shmigelsky
>Jose Miranda
>Sri Phienanda
>Trey Jackson
>Teija Kuosku
>Sigur Sprang
>Desire Laine
>Maggie Lee
>Saiman Li,
>Danny Lim,
>Ian Park
>Ray Wong
>Thursday, December 14, 2006. 8PM $5
>The resistance movement in Mexico city, july 2006
>Director Caitlin Manning in person
>NO TE RAJES:  a 35 minute documentary  by 
>Caitlin Manning and the Videoactivista 
>collective about the movement of peaceful civil 
>disobedience that took over the heart of Mexico 
>City for 49 days July trough September of this 
>year.  The movement was catalyzed by the 
>fraudulent elections in July 2006. The 
>documentary provides background and context for 
>the current social movements in Mexico.
>FRONTLINES IN OAXACA; a powerful 10 minute 
>documentary  by the Mal de Ojo collective on the 
>events in Oaxaca City in early November.  Since 
>March of this year, the center of Oaxaca City 
>has been occupied by protestors wo are demanding 
>the removal of the governor, Ulises Ruiz. The 
>video was shot on the streets during the 
>attempted takeover of Radio Universidad by the 
>Federal Police, and provides insight into who is 
>involved in the Oaxacan movement and why it is 
>Friday, December 15, 2006. 7PM $3-$5
>A little too Direct: 15 student directors have their way
>Cutting edge work from a fresh generation of filmmakers.
>Come and celebrate new work from the film department of City College
>Works by:
>Rich Wells
>Jeff Crispi
>Chris Villareal
>Laura J. Lukitsch
>Ben Schofield
>Brandon Wilson
>John Howard
>Kathleen McNamara
>Ryoji Kajikawa
>Diane J. Vallecillo
>Scot Schneider
>Benny Ortega
>William Smith
>Cornelius Wilson
>Olesya Karpova
>Sunday, December 17, 2006. 8PM $5
>Jam and Jive
>An attack of destructive music and moving pictures.
>Performance by:
>Ezee Tiger 
>Reagan's Memory
>:: Artists’ Television (ATV)
>December 2, 2006 - December 29, 2006. 10pm, Cable Channel 29
>ATV December Schedule
>Saturday Nights, 10pm, Cable Channel 29, San Francisco
>Artists' Television airs on accessf Saturday 
>nights at 10pm, Cable Channel 29 in San 
>Francisco. ATV is one of the longest running 
>cable access shows in the country and is 
>comprised of video and film screened at, created 
>at, or found lying around Artists' Television 
>ruth brown, mama he treats your daughter mean
>thoughts on film - film dog
>record making with duke
>total information awareness - carl diehl
>mia zapata, gits scene from hype : post mortem crush 6 - day v
>More about ATV: http://www.atasite.org/atv/
>:: Window Installations
>December 2, 2006 - December 30, 2006.
>Rebecca Frediani: Folk Saint
>Curated by Dana Hemenway
>:: In the Gallery
>December 3, 2006 - December 30, 2006.
>The Reveal: People & Objects
>Photographs, Paintings and Digital Art by Judy Garvey
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>Artists' Television Access is a nonprofit 
>501(c)(3) all volunteer artist-run gallery and 
>screening venue located in the heart of San 
>Francisco's Mission District. ATA is supported 
>in part by grants from Grants for the Arts/San 
>Francisco Hotel Tax Fund and the San Francisco 
>Foundation and many generous individuals.
>How to Reach Us:
>Artists' Television Access
>992 Valencia Street
>San Francisco, CA 94110
>(415) 824-3890
>ata at atasite.org
>Gallery is open before and after screenings for viewing.
>Screenings start at 8pm unless otherwise noted.
>Directions: Take Bart to 24th Street Mission. 
>Walk 1 block east to Valencia and 3 blocks 
>north.  ATA is located between 21st and 20th 
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