[Sfbay-video] Support the Resistance....one vote at a time...pls forward to friends

dennis kyne d_kyne at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 5 22:42:12 PDT 2007


Ain't going back again, the song that made it to the top of the Neil Young, 
Living With War, charts and sat #`16 on the Earshot charts in Canada, is now 
making a run...In Video.  The competition is an Armed Forces open submission 
at www.famecast.com.  We find this to be the best medium to get in touch 
with those that would other wise not even know there are anti war troops.  
This video is done during the Ehren Watada Court martial period. The video 
was shot by Zoltan Grossman  and is his work.  It started when Darrell 
Anderson led up a Camp Resistance outside the gates of Fort Lewis.  Dennis 
Kyne was there, and along with Ethan Crowel drumming, former Coast Guard, 
Mike Cuzzort on guitar, Afghanistan, Darrell (purple Heart, Baghdad, April 
'04) and Dennis, they put this song out to the people the night before the 
dismissal of Ehren Watada's trial.  Support the truth and please visit this 
page and let the world know that resisters have support.  I have pointed out 
the process by which you get in and vote, below.  Please forward this 
message to your friends and let them know we can make a message out of this 

!.     First, copy and paste this link in your browser: 

2.    Next, go to the "stages" tab (third from the left) at the top of the 

3.    Scroll down to the very bottom of the menu to "armed forces contest".

4.    Browse through the two plus pages to find "Kyne".    Click on the word 

5.    Remember to watch the video!!! :)

6.    To the right of the video, you will see a button graphic that says 
"Vote for This Artist".  It has a checkmark in it.  Click it!

7.    A window will pop up telling you that you must be logged in or join 
Famecast.  Click "OK" to join

8.    Scroll down to "Fan Registration"  Fill out all necessary information 
to create an account and submit.

9.    Check your email immediately to get the Confirmation link. Follow the 
link and repeat steps 2-6!

Thank you for supporting the truth!!!!

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