[Sfbay-video] Stolen Rights: doc on the state of Palestinians in Lebanon

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>Stolen Rights
>A documentary on the state of Palestinians in Lebanon by Lamia Alami and
>Nadine Mourad .
>Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled their homelands and livelihoods
>in historical Palestine during the 1948 Israeli occupation  to become
>dispersed in the neighboring Arab countries.
>Arab host countries vary in rights and restrictions accorded to
>Palestinians. Since their arrival in Lebanon nearly 60 years ago, the
>experience of Palestinian refugees was one of marginalization, suffering,
>repression and at times armed violence. They were considered a hazard to
>Lebanon and were labeled second-class citizens.  Without the right to work
>in over 70 professions, banned from civic/political role, deprived from
>public healthcare access, social security and insurance benefits,
>prohibited from restoring the miserable living conditions inside the
>camps, owning or inheriting property, Palestinians continue to be treated
>as substandard citizens.
>Through interviews with Journalists, Activists, Scholars, Politicians and
>Palestinian Refugees living in and outside the camps, this documentary
>shows the plight of 400,000 stateless Palestinians in Lebanon who struggle
>to obtain human rights and draws comparisons with the living conditions of
>those who fled to settle in Syria.
>This film illustrates the forged pretexts behind Lebanon’s denial of
>Palestinians basic rights while depicting the daily lives of Palestinian
>refugees and their unbroken determination and desire to implement the UN
>resolution 194 passed in 1948, which calls for the return of Palestinian
>refugees to their homeland with compensations. LNomads Productions, 2007.
>LNomads Productions was founded by Lamia Alami and Nadine Mourad in April
>of 2007.  The company’s goal is to produce creative documentaries that
>encompass social justice, cultural diversity and traveling. LNomads deals
>with issues that have gone underreported or misreported in the mainstream
>LNomads at gmail.com
>992 valencia
>San Francisco

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