[Sfbay-video] KFC Collective Guerrilla Outdoor Screening Thurs, 3.29.07 at 8pm

sabrina at whisperedmedia.org sabrina at whisperedmedia.org
Mon Mar 19 22:03:44 PDT 2007

*****KFC Collective Guerrilla Outdoor Screening*****
*********Thursday, March 29th, 8pm************

In the Lucca parking lot between 22nd and 23rd
on Valencia street in the Mission.

2007 seems to be about a perpetual summer, so it's the year of free
outdoor screenings! Our roving collective has scoped locations around SF
and found a primo parking lot (next to the Lucca deli!) to bring endless
viewing pleasures of radical and experimental shorts to your feet.

Films By:
Veronica Majano
Wuli Leung and Hannah Lew
Christian Bruno and Natalija Vedic
Brian Boyce
Ilona Berger
Jennifer Worley
Thad Povey
Sabrina Alonso

So come along, bring a date, a friend, a dog, a beer, hot cider, some
popcorn, or any other DIY goodies you'd like to share with your fellow
parking lot squatters. All are welcome! Come reclaim the mission for
DIY...one film and one parking lot at a time!

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