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Alster alster at indymedia.org
Mon Jul 6 08:47:20 PDT 2009

Hi Luke,

> L wrote:
>> hello. my name's Luke, I'm the site admin for victoria (BC, Canada)
>> new IMC group. I've contacted micah of IndyMedia DNS group about
>> changing the victoria.indymedia.org subdomain to point to the IP that
>> our site, vicindymedia.org, is pointing to. But in order to change the
>> link on the main indymedia.org site i need to get an account for that
>> site -or- one of you could update the "IMC'S" link for me.
>> Thank you for your help through this process.
>> peace, love and free speech
>> Luke

ana wrote:
> the person who first put the new-imc application in, should have
> received an email with their password to change the details on the
> database. it is this person that can make changes in that form, i
> think... 

I would think so, too. And in fact there is an account setup for you at
contact.indymedia.org which you may use to make sure victoria is listed
on www.indymedia.org and points to where it should point to.

> otherwise, i'd suggest asking on irc, or to the sos system,
> listwork at sos.indymedia.org

Actually, this won't help you there, since Listwork is the working group
which handles the lists.indymedia.org mailing lists, but does not manage
the contact.indymedia.org accounts. For the contact.indymedia.org
accounts, the only place to get help at this time is
imc-commwork at lists.indymedia.org (though syndication at lists.indymedia.org
may work, too).

As such, if you need a password reset for your account, please send an
email to imc-commwork at lists.indymedia.org and provide some indication
that you really are whom you say you are.

Some ways to do this are (you are welcome to think of others):

* request that the new password should be sent to the email address your
  IMC sent the new-imc application from

* provide web links to mailing list archives which indicate that the
  person (e.g. you) who controls the email address you want the new
  password sent to (e.g. your email address) has been involved in this
  IMC lately

* upload a plain text file to your IMC webserver saying 'This imc wants
  the password for imc database account XXX to be reset and sent to
  XXX at YYY.ZZ.' and add the current date to it, then forward the URL of
  this file with your password reset request

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