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Sun Aug 8 04:49:28 PDT 2004

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Chat button more visible

Keywords: Irc, Translation Tool
Author: LinksRhein

Body: I made the possibility to reach us in the chat channel #translationtool more visible

The new chat button. Quite eye-catching, isn't it?

We had a link to our channel #translationtool at irc.indymedia.org on our startpage. This was rarely used, since insiders knew the channel anyway and others didn't see it or didn't dare to use it. Also, the link (irc://irc.indymedia.org/translationtool) did not work for all browsers.

It is not only included on the startpage but on all the translationwork-related pages. And with the "Live Help!" label on it, people can understand that this link is made for them to get some help, whenever they need it. If they click on it, they will be connected as guest to the channel #translationtool on the new indymedia chat server: chat.indymedia.org. They are connected in a few seconds and don't need to install a chat-client. The link works with any modern browser (Mozilla, Firefox, IE, Opera) and does not even rely on javascript being enabled. 



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