[Translation] Feature documentary about indymedia needs translation

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Tue Apr 25 08:00:26 PDT 2006

great to see interesting to work on this.. =)
but i dont have the transcript yet... i'm just one of the ppl who are
willing to help out with translation...
you should email raphael (eots at riseup.net) and ask him for the transcript


> Hi,
> interesting project! Please send us *the original transcript* and *all
> the translations* you already have (or will get by the time) so we can
> post the request on the translationtool
> http://translations.indymedia.org
> Thanks!
> Best wishes
> linksrhein
> pina at riseup.net wrote:
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>> Hello my translation friends.
>> My name is Raphael. For the past 4 years I have been working on a
>> documentary about the indymedia organization. Its title is simply "i"
>> Www.ithefilm.com
>> The goal of the film goal is to expose to a general public the ideas
>> about
>> decentralized organization, media independence and their connection to
>> horizontal social movements around the world. Together with my partner
>> Andres who is from Argentinan we documented the work of indymedia
>> Argentina
>> during the ongoing crisis and uprising of 2001. The indymedia Argentina
>> group is taken as an example amidst many groups working for media and
>> communicatory independence. Indymedia is seen in collaboration with
>> other
>> groups- but it is essentially a documentary about indymedia, its ideas
>> and
>> practice around the world.
>> Besides some great music it is also a poetic meditation on the meanings
>> of
>> these things, and has received encouragement from the likes of Chris
>> Marker
>> and Naomi Klein - who said: "³i² positively vibrates with the energy and
>> creativity of the movement it documents. Beautiful, intellectual,
>> riotous,
>> it fits in no box (and no blurb), just see it!"
>> Anyway our plans are to release it this summer and send a copy to every
>> indymedia in the world (free!) They can then use it to fundraise or to
>> simply have a video that explains some of the ideas and history behind
>> indymedia. We will be touring with the film in the US and Europe in the
>> Fall- elsewhere as we can raise money to do so. It has already been
>> excepted
>> in several festivals and I expect there to be a lot of excitement about
>> the
>> film when it is released.
>> We are working on the DVD right now.
>> We already have people working on translations for
>> Spanish
>> English
>> Dutch
>> German
>> French
>> Italian
>> Slovak
>> Czech (maybe)
>> However it is our hope to have as many languages available on the DVD as
>> possible- so we are asking that if you are interested in doing the
>> translation we would like to send you a copy of the movie and the
>> English
>> transcript.
>> The entire file is a text document with time code. All that is necessary
>> is
>> to remove the English phrases and replace them with the translation in
>> your
>> language. In fact this work can easily be broken up among a few people
>> working together. One person can work on the first half, another person
>> on
>> the second. However we are in a rush. We need the work done by June 1st
>> at
>> the absolute latest. If you are interested please get in touch.
>> You can see the trailer and read more online here:
>> Www.ithefilm.com
>> Please contact me with any questions directly.
>> Thank you.
>>  Raphael Lyon- here: eots at riseup.net
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