[traven-tech] traven reboot

Chris chrisc at indymedia.org
Thu Nov 24 02:58:29 PST 2005


Traven got unplugged last night by mistake... it's back up

01:10 < skep_> there is something wrong with traven..
03:50 < micah> anyone awake?
04:03 < elijah> hello
04:03 < elijah> is traven up?
04:03 < elijah> traven is perfectly placed so that i keep
                on bumping it.
04:03  * elijah apologies profusely
05:07 < micah> elijah: let me check a website or two known
               on traven
05:27 < micah> you must have left
05:28 < micah> which is good because i can't get to any of
06:04 < elijah> yeah, i remember now that it is the 5th
                entry in grub that is the one that actually 
06:12 < micah> its back up now?
06:13 < micah> <-- going to sleep exhausted
06:13 < elijah> no, not yet, i will head out soon.
06:20 < micah> oh ok cool
06:20 < micah> thought it was already in progress
08:39 < elijah> ok, traven is booted.
08:39 < elijah> none of the grub menus worked.
08:40 < elijah> finally, it booted when i removed the
                kernel options for the one which i remember 

I don't know if the colo has the KVM yet but when they do
it would be cool if we could set traven up so it boots
off a working kernel by default...


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