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Alster alster at indymedia.org
Sun Oct 9 14:32:25 PDT 2005

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Duncan Lithgow schrieb:
> Alster wrote:
>>... have signed up to the
>> volunteer mailing list and allow one week for objections?
> Objection to that we _stop_ archiving private contact details? Can't we
> just stop recording them and leave the current data intact? I can't see
> how anyone would object to that.

I don't expect any objections, but sometimes it's good to make sure
there aren't any, as you may miss something other's don't. Besides that,
this passive consensus method is the way decisions are usually made
within Indymedia. i'm not saying this is neccessary here, though, just
wondering whether or not people think it is.

> And I've intended all along that in the new volunteer.indy site it'll be
> easy for individual IMC's to use their own, local signup if they prefer.
> So they can always choose to do things their own way if they prefer. (I
> was going to allow them to link it directly from the local imc dropdown
> menu, or something similar)

sounds good to me.

>> Btw, against my former intentions, I've now signed up to the volunteer
>> mailing list, so there's no more need to CC me.
> You can always leave again when we get boring :-)

;) I hope it didn't sound like that.

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