[www-features] looking for polical documentary films - please forward

Max Krueger maxkrueger at freakoutfilms.com
Sun Aug 29 21:43:14 PDT 2004

I thought you or someone you know might have a film to submit to our contest, "The Truth is Scarier than Fiction."

We are a horror film festival with a political edge. You can submit your short films online for only $15, or if you don't have a copy of your film you can upload, you can still mail it in like a regular film festival.

Here is the official call for entry. Sorry to bother you if this is something you are not interested in.

International Festival of Horror - Call for Entries

 *- Now Accepting online  and tradition submissions -*

We are looking for creative, experimental, underground, low-budget, no-budget, and indie shorts and feature length films in the following genre's:


and Documentaries for our "Truth is Scarier Than Fiction Contest."

You may now submit and upload your movie to our film festival completely online. If you have an avi, mpg, wmv, mov, mpg or rm copy of your film you can sign up for a filmmaker account and submit your film for only $15 via PayPal.  All online submissions must be under 15 minutes in length and under 160 Megs. It is recomended to keep files under 80 Megs.

You may also submit your film in the traditional method. All submissions will be watched and judged. There will be awards for best director, editor, cinematography,best b-movie, etc. We are looking for films from all countries, but they must have English subtitles. Please visit our website if you have a film to submit:

To submit your short film online, go to:

Or to submit a feature or short via mail,  visit our main page at:

If you haven't submit your film yet, now is the time!

Max Krueger
International Festival of Horror

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