[www-features] PROPOSAL: Deaths rise in Earthquake and Tsunami Tragedy

ekes ekes at riseup.net
Wed Dec 29 16:39:21 PST 2004

guido at stopimperialism.be wrote:
>>Now we have the basis of a story :)
> the feature is already posted,
> no need for a basis of a story anymore, what corporate media says is true
> it seems.

A single, proposed, feature is already posted.

It was posted to this list ages ago, was then rewritten, and then given 
the normal notice. It was even late for posting as the site had been 
down. Sorry if I missed a clear agreed proposal for altering it... if I 
did I am sure it can be added, my apologies.

It's an important event, there will no doubt be more about as time 
unfolds, however I think we do need to be able to respond at least 
within days of the event.

If there are changes to make to the current feature, or even better 
still, another feature, let's do it.

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