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Good, Patti PattiGood at DWT.COM
Thu Nov 11 14:37:41 PST 2004

I received the following from a co-worker.  Is it true that soldiers
aren't receiving combat pay?  I don't care where they are in Iraq,
everyone sent over there should be receiving combat pay.  Bush
supporting the troops--what a joke.
nepentheiv at comcast.net
Text of email:

				From what I read and see in the news it
looks like my son in law(Mark) who is the front line right now in
Fallujah is not in a war situation so he does not get combat pay. Our
President declared the war over so he does not get the little extra for
putting his life of the line or the others who were sent over there on
stop loss like Mark. I keep writing to the news media like CNN and Fox
to get them to address this. Please keep Mark and his troops in your
prayers because he has to go door to door in Fallujah and 'flush' out
the bad guys. This is a very dangerous 'none war' mission.

				Thank you,



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