[www-features] PROPOSAL VENEZUELA: Popular Assemblies call for Revolution within the Revolution

deva drdartist at riseup.net
Thu Sep 2 17:47:50 PDT 2004

I agree that the Microsoft-Texaco issue should be a featured story and  
like the changes Marcelo has suggested and support the feature.

thanks for everyones efforts, particularly marcelo to find an  
acceptable path

On Sep 2, 2004, at 7:36 AM, Marcelo Andrade wrote:

> [castellano bellow]
> [english]
> Trying to reach a consensus, From Venezuela we propose the following  
> article
> as feature: "Popular Assemblies Call For Revolution Within the  
> Revolution".
> it hasn't been translated, but it talks about the popular assemblies  
> that
> are taking place around different parts of the country rebeling  
> against the
> "revolutionary bureaucracy imposed by certain parties.
> check out:
> http://pr.indymedia.org/features/venezuela/
> [castellano]
> Para tratar de llegar a un consenso, desde Venezuela proponemos el  
> siguiente
> articulo para un feautre en la global: "Asambleas Populares Plantean
> Revolucion dentro de la Revolucion"
> http://pr.indymedia.org/features/venezuela/
> falta traducirlo al inglés, pero creemos que es crucial que se  
> difunda, en
> todo caso, lo que pueblo está organizando en rebelión contra las
> partidocracias "revolucionarias" que quieren dominarlo todo.
> saludos
> marcelo
>> A number of comrades have raised criticisms of me for posting the
>> feature "Venezuela: Between Empire and Revolution" without consensus.
>> I cannot change the past but I would at least like to review my  
>> account
>> of what happened...
>> Aug 11
>> - Proposal sent to the list, written by Venezuelan comrades
>> - Evan raised concern that feature seemed pro-Chavez in places, citing
>> a particular sentence which was removed from the final version.  Also
>> claimed the proposal came from "English-speaking" world
>> - bb pointed out that feature came from Venezuela, and deferred to  
>> them
>> to answer concerns
>> Aug 12
>> - marcelo posted to list explaining their positions, and expressing an
>> urgent need to have the feature posted, "emergency situation," etc. -
>> libertario posted stock critique of chavez, did not address feature  
>> per
>> se - deva demands that feature be posted "immediately"
>> - jeppe urged collective to post feature "today" and forwarded
>> translation of it to frech speaking lists.
>> - ekes said feature should go up "as soon as possible"
>> - bb agreed that feature should go up asap and offered to make posting
>> with modification of sentence pointed out by Evan
>> - deva wrote that disputed sentence should stay in
>> - ekes proposed links to add to story
>> - felipecas disagrees, says it should include criticisms of chavez -
>> marcelo request "urgent clearance" for feature to go up, citing
>> "emergency situation" imminent, possibility of right-wing coup and
>> violence
>> - boud suggests additional links.  some, but not all, make it into
>> final draft
>> - bb asks collective status on feature, whether it may go up or not -
>> cesar gerena expresses support for feature
>> - felipecas makes counter proposal (co-written by toya & pablo)
>> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/www-features/2004-August/0812- 
>> q8.html
>> - deva rejects brasil proposal
>> - cesar gerena also criticises brasil proposal, supports
>> venezuela-written proposal
>> - bb makes the call to post original feature, cites sense of urgency.
>> offers to immediately pull it if anyone chooses to block
>> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/www-features/2004-August/0812- 
>> a0.html
>> - felipecas acknowledges posting of original feature "with changes"
>> made by bb. "it is better than the other." and "this is a controversal
>> topic and I hope nobody got angry with this confusion."
>> - pablo agrees that posted feature is "more balanced and less  
>> chavista"
>> but proposes additional links be added.
>> Fri Aug 13
>> - pina adds proposed links to feature
>> the discussion opens up again at this point.  disagreements and
>> miscommunications still exist but no one asks for it to be taken down,
>> and it is not until some time later, when it is far too late, that
>> anyone says i did anything wrong.
>> consensus is not always clear, especially when dealing with what feels
>> like an urgent situation.  i agree process was not perfect, but it
>> rarely is.  i am not the first to post a feature because it seems many
>> people are demanding it, with the clause that it can be taken down if
>> anyone raises an objection.
>> all i can say is i did the best i could with what i knew at the time.
>> i would appreciate it if others expressed how they feel about this, as
>> i'm feeling rather isolated at this moment.  perhaps it is deserved, i
>> don't know...
>> bb
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