[www-features] Re: iraq proposal

sfschism at riseup.net sfschism at riseup.net
Thu Sep 23 16:00:12 PDT 2004

> one caveat: there are some suggestions that the women have already been
> killed - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3683022.stm - i think this
> should be taken into consideration if an article is written.
well, this is part of the point: enough time has passed that now the story
is significantly altered.  While we have been discussing this,
yes, maybe they are now dead.  I am not clear whether or not people are
saying this is another reason why this shouldn't be covered or if it is a
reason it should be covered.  At any rate, I spent a couple of hours
putting together that proposal, so I would love it if people wanted to
pitch in and help me re-write it to their specs, if they have suggestions.
 I will see if I can rework it later tomorrow.

> also, about the naomi klein/guardian reprint stuff: i think this is
> totally inappropriate to appear on an indymedia site as a feature -
> although i am extremely entertained to see that americans consider the
> guardian as "a very valuable alternative to the mainstream crap." the
> guardian is one of the biggest, most influential and *mainstream*
> newspapers in the united kingdom; it is owned by the guardian newspapers
> limited (gnl). gnl also own's/runs the observer (a sunday paper), the
Whatever people feel about the Guardian, my point was that Naomi Klein is
still an independent reporter last time I checked, and we're not
"advertising" for the Guardian to print her work - we're helping to get
her research and reporting out into the world that she hustled and worked
to get while other news agencies were spinning the story a different way. 
Whether or not the Guardian printed it in the first place, well, kudos to
them, but the point is it's her work and it deserves a chance to get out
around the world.  Just my two cents.


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