[www-features] Re: iraq proposal

clara clara at ifrik.org
Thu Sep 23 01:11:14 PDT 2004

hi sunny,

if these women are part of a bigger activist scene, and if people who 
read and work with Indymedia are likely to know them, then I think it's 
a good idea to make more of a feature on them, and about the situation 
of NGOs and their volunteers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In such a context, I don't mind pointing to questions raised of their 
kidnapping, and to the appeal. Just don't make that the main issue of 
the feature.

Are people in the US aware that Doctors without Borders withdrew from 
Afghanistan, where they have been throughout Sowjet occupation and the 
Thaliban, because now - since the US army invaded - it is a place that 
is even too unsafe for them?

love and solidarity

> Full disclosure: on a personal note, this story is close to home.  Many
> people in the Bay Area met and worked with Simona and Simona over the
> years on various activist projects in Iraq.  I have emailed Simona about
> various stories surrounding the sanctions in the past.  Their situation
> weighs on my mind and heart daily.  Sometimes I feel that if I try and
> take in the entirety of the war in Iraq all at once, I will explode.  I
> feel like I can sometimes only focus on one incident at a time and hope to
> pick away at it.  I know this is just one story out of many, but I still
> feel that it's an important one that deserves to be heard - and
> questioned.  I understand that we may not reach consensus on this, but I
> hope people will at least think about what I've said.

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