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pina at riseup.net pina at riseup.net
Mon Apr 25 19:34:37 PDT 2005

Indeed amazing john

Can we also make one part of the front page part link to the docs where it
says about how to propose a feature?
is a much more information, and may help ppl..
PS: Nice!!!

> john, this is amazing!
> one thing i saw was on the 'language' description, it is suggested that
> folks should visit translation tool to get a translation...can we make
> those words a link to the translation tool?
> if i can do it, let me know and i think i can figure it out, if not,
> that is othe only thing that i have noticed so far!
> bht
> john duda wrote:
>>working prototype of the feature suggestion interface is here:
>>everything pretty much works.  suggested features go into a separate
>>article type, and an email with a link into the edit page of the admin
>>interface gets sent somewhere when a feature is suggested.  i need to
>>write two lines of code or so that will choose whether to send to
>>www-features or www-editoriales depending on the language of the
>>suggested feature.
>>i tried to write text that describes what should go in each part of
>>the feature as best i understood it.  need to work out exactly how the
>>author name and email stuff will work, i think i will make a "display
>>on article" checkbox so the suggestor has the choice of letting name
>>and email appear or not on the open publishing version of the article.
>>otherwise it will just stay in an internal comment.
>>i also went ahead and made the textareas use nifty 21st century
>>wysiwyg editors.  i can enable this everywhere/elsewhere if people
>>want me to...
>>so, if this is what you all wanted, we should:
>>1) finalize the english text
>>2) tweak the interface
>>3) install it on indymedia.org
>>4) get translations for the english text
>>5) put a link to this thing somewhere/everywhere so people know to use it
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