[www-features] Re: PROPOSAL: Global Protests on 2nd Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

bradley at riseup.net bradley at riseup.net
Wed Mar 23 19:31:20 PST 2005

>    1. PROPOSAL: Global Protests on 2nd Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
>       (Blackbeard)

hey www-features,

Indybay has put a ton of work into their feature about this. Indybay has
added many new links to their feature which did not make it into the
feature that is currently up at indymedia.us

So, I would sugest we use all the updated information and links from
Indybay, rather than indymedia.us However, we need to be careful when we
cut and paste html from Indybay because their links to indybay.org do not
have the "http://www.indybay.org" at the begining, they usually start with
<a href="/news/2005/03/1725985.php">

I took the time to add all the "http://indybay.org/" to the feature on

It is very big feature with a ton of html! I think it would be helpful if
people used the work pad wiki for this one.


and of course, let's get as much global coverage as possible!

International Day of Protest on the second anniversary of the U.S.
invasion of Iraq

Photos From Many Of The Protests Around The World

santa cruz

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