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Modemand Guitar ati at indymedia.org
Thu Mar 24 10:30:05 PST 2005

I'm leaning mostly toward just letting "what happens happen" as you say, 
but it never hurts to keep an eye on process and consensus, and etc., 
as we go. I think we uphold the spirit of it better than ALL of the other 
consensus circles I'm part of, to be honest with you. 

Not that that should mean we don't need to fine tune or further 
improve everything from our communication skills to which specific 
media we use to keep it going.

But I think each time someone says something could be improved 
here I have this defensive need to show everyone how things were 
just two years ago when there were 1-3 of us doing all of the center 
column features and we were just crying out for consensus someday.

It looks like "someday" is finally here. And I'm just happy there are 
so many of us hashing out all these issues. 

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