[www-features] PROPOSAL: Sofia: Protest against the disposal of US military bases in Bulgaria

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Sun Nov 20 23:25:17 PST 2005

Hello! I post it once again, because nobody reacted...
  I'm Peter from Indymedia Bulgaria. There was a protest against the US military bases in Bulgaria this Saturday. 2 days before that 2 activists were arested and beaten by the cops for sricking posters for the protest.
  Here is an article about that. Can you post it if there are no objections, because I don't have account for publishing features...
  TITLE: Sofia: Protest against the disposal of US military bases in Bulgaria
  IMAGE: http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/usermedia/image/1/large/picture4.jpg
  HEADER: <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/">BULGARIA</a>: Peace
  <p>On 12 November a
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/newswire/display/5411/index.php">protest 
  against the US military bases</a>, which are going to be situated near the 
  villages Novo Selo, Bezmer and near the Burgas' port, took place in Sofia 
  (Bulgaria's capitol). More than 500 people marched through the central streets 
  of Sofia, expressing their stand against all military bases. The protest ended 
  in front of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov". In the protest took part the anarcho-block of autonomous antiauthoritarian group "AnarchoResistance" 
  (around 60 people). Few nationalists form BNS (Bulgarian National Union) were 
  also there but left quickly after the demo.</p>
  <p>On the evening of 10 November two activists were arrested and brutally beaten 
  by the police, while they were sticking posters for the protest near the 
  Synagogue. The cops said that Vladimir Trichkov and Stefan Andonov were sticking 
  the posters on the Synagogue's wall (which is a complete lie!) and they resisted 
  the arrest. Their presence in the area of the Synagogue was used by the police 
  to paste words like "anti-Semite" and "nationalist" about them (which is also a 
  complete lie!). From 12 November the two are on hunger strike after the refusal of 
  medical help and meeting with their families.<span lang="bg"> </span>They are 
  sued by the quick procedure. The Minister of Interior, Rumen Petkov, awarded in 
  the weekend the two cops, who arrested Vladimir and Stefan, for the &quot;perfect 
  work&quot; and put with that pressure on the court for convicting the two activists 
  <p><b>Pictures from the protest:
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/feature/display/5603/index.php">1</a> |
  <a href="http://snimka.bg/album.php?album_id=11812">2</a><br>Articles about the arrest 
  (in bulgarian):
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/feature/display/5593/index.php">1</a> |
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/feature/display/5688/index.php">2</a> |
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/newswire/display/5621/index.php">3</a> |
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/newswire/display/5638/index.php">4</a> |
  <a href="http://bulgaria.indymedia.org/newswire/display/5641/index.php">5</a></b></p>
  <p>After the protest on Saturday most of the people protested also in front of 
  the police station, where Vladimir and Stefan were kept for more than 5 days 
  without charges.</p>
  <p>On the first court meeting on Monday around 20:00 o'clock (!) the witnesses of the defense were not 
  even allowed to enter the court room. On the next day Vladimir and Stefan were 
  out on 500 leva bail. The next court meeting is on 17 November.</p>
  <p>On 19 December 1999 the bulgarian parliament accepted the disposal of US 
  military bases, despite that most of the people are against the presence of US 
  military forces. The US authorities even said that they aren't going to pay 
  anything for the use of bulgarian territory.</p>

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