[www-features] Harrassment via Indymedia

Nik Wright nwright at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 21 05:45:30 PST 2006

    I'd like to ask for a some assistance in resolving a problem od a
    libellous posting on the India Indymedia site. I have emailed India
    Indymedia several times without getting any response.

The problem text is at:


and reads:

John HAmat 26/01/2006 22:56 
 Hamat at yahoo.com

This article was written by a well known member of a hate group named
NIk Wright, who publishes under the alias Andrew Carpenter or John
Carpenter. He is married to Sally WRight and is father of Emma Wright,
who are not aware of his hateful activities. Nik WRight spends most of
his time (his lives on disability but still works illegally to increase
his income) posting hateful comments on hate sites on the internet. He
is one of the most prolific and hateful posters on the net. 
Dont be fooled, this article is not real journalism, it is a pure
expression of gratuitous hate. 

The e mail address given is fake. I most concerned about my daughter and
ex partner being named. The use of my disability as a basis to attack me
is also despicable - but par for the course for the supporters of Prem
Rawat. A previous libel posted on Sydney Indymedia was deleted at my
request and obviously I believe that the India Indymedia text should
also be removed.

Any advice you may have would be welcome.


Nik Wright

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