[www-features] images in features

Bradley Stuart bradley at riseup.net
Sat Nov 25 13:47:21 PST 2006

Hi www-features,

I really prefer that images used in indymedia.org features are hosted  
on the indymedia.org server(s). Currently, indymedia.org will not  
fully load because the image used in this feature:

Chicago Musician Martyrs Himself for Peace

is hosted elsewhere. And, Chicago IMC is not loading either... so  
that must be the issue.. since the image is hosted here for the feature:

<img src="http://chicago.indymedia.org/usermedia/image/13/malachi- 
centerpanel.jpg" alt="I heard you, Malachi" border="1" align="right"/>

I know it looks good to have the image on the right side sometimes...  
and the image is larger... but now we have the issue of no image at all.

so for those reasons, can we all please practice hosting images on  
indymedia.org, not elsewhere?? Images hosted elsewhere may also slow  
the load time of indymedia.org.


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