[www-features] Fwd: can't read your website or letters

Bradley Stuart bradley at riseup.net
Sat Sep 1 16:28:32 PDT 2007

hi www-features,

I'm passing this email along. It is a response to an email sent on  
the imc-news (at) lists.indymedia.org list.


As far as I know, there is not a functional contact address for  
general feedback to indymedia.org and/or the indymedia network. I  
think indymedia should invite and value feedback from people.

What can we do? :-)


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Sue Morris <suereel at editide.us>
> Date: September 1, 2007 3:51:34 PM PDT
> To: imc-news-owner at lists.indymedia.org
> Subject: can't read your website or letters
> Hello Friends:
> I hope you will take what I have to say in the interest of  
> constructive criticism. I was tempted to unsubscribe, but I really  
> would like to get progressive news.
> I am a person who has spent my life in political struggle for  
> progressive and radical causes (I'm 59). I am upset that I don't  
> get real news from the US or British website. But I have to tell  
> you that I am unable to read the IMC website. I have tried many  
> times, sometimes spending hours trying to figure out what I am  
> reading. It is far too busy for me to understand what I'm reading.
> I'm not particularly web savvy so when I see a page that  
> overwhelms, I tend to retreat. You tend to use many acronyms and  
> inside abbreviations. If you want to reach out to others in  
> struggle, please try to communicate more clearly and with less glitz.
> I hoped by getting emails from you that that would be more  
> comprehensible, but still it is not. I'm not just talking about  
> misspellings and bad grammar (though there is some). I'm talking  
> about the lack of clarity in understanding what I'm reading about.  
> What does Gatwick No Border mean? It seems to be written for those  
> who already know the subject, like an insiders news.
> For example, the article on France. I read the article. I still  
> have little idea what happened or is happening there. In addition  
> to the fact that I don't know what regularization means, what does  
> this mean:
> Summary of the events, visual and audio documents
> Who are these people in France? What are they trying to accomplish?  
> Who is opposing them? And why? Without that information, I might as  
> well skip reading the story because I still don't know what's going  
> on.
> Yours in struggle,
> Sue

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