[www-features] The new Feature article

Petros Evdokas petros at cyprus-org.net
Thu Jul 10 13:36:19 PDT 2008


I'm happy to see the new Feature article created by our comrades in 
Brasil titled:
"The Real Operation to "Rescue" Ingrid Betancourt and US Mercenaries"

It's timely, and helps to connect global imc to an issue that is also 
the focus of the world's attention *and* intimately connected to some of 
the most difficult problems facing both the political and the armed 
organizations of the liberation movement.

My own records, though, and the online archives of www-features show no 
discussion in the month of July 2008. How was this editorial decision 
made? I'm all for it, for many reasons, and my thanks to whoever took 
that initiative, but we also need to maintain the transparency for which 
imc is so well known.

Perhaps if one of our colleagues knows more about this, please post it 
to www-features so that there can be a record of that information on the 

Many thanks,

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