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July 6, 2008

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Malange (a province of Angola), the opposition party Frente para a
Democracia (Front for Democracy - FpD), would like to send a fact message to
the world regarding Angola current elections environment. This constant
warnings have been made public by FpD inside Angola in order to the Angolan
public opinion to know the facts.

FpD is a legalized political party, and have one seat in the national
assembly, from the 1992 elections.

We now urge the international community to act after taking notice of
following facts:

1. July 2, 2008, Noé Pedro Santos of 31 years of age, coordinator of the FpD
in Moxico province was stopped by non unidentified men's in the
neighbourhood of Bairro de Aço Velho, in front of the slaughter house, in a
time that he was carrying 378 individual process files of FpD supporter
signatures for the September 5 country elections. Those non identified
individuals took Mr. Noé mobile phone and the envelope were the signature
processes were. After a while the non identified individuals gave the mobile
phone back but took the signature processes with them.

Several other FpD members in the province had been stopped by SINFO (State
Secret Investigation Agents).

2. July 3, 2008, about 12PM, Mr. Canje (not related to FpD), coordinator of
the electoral commission in Malange, an organization that belongs to CIP
(Comissão Intergovernamental para o Processo Eleitoral) made a statement in
the local radio, dissuading the citizens not to deliver their elector cards
for photocopying purposes. This statement was made at the same time that FpD
is acting in the province in order to obtain the signatures required by law
for the September 5 elections. This statement is against the spirit of
requirements made by The Constitutional Court of Angola for all political
parties who which to sign up for the elections since one of the requirements
is the presentation of the photocopy of the elector card. Same kind of
statement was broadcast in TPA TV news (Telejornal) service.

3. During the days July 2 and July 3, in the province of Namibe, a member of
the FpD direction, Mr. Nelson Eduardo (Bonavena), noticed that many citizens
and FpD supporters have been summoned and threatened in order not to give
support to FpD.

5. This event's have been multiplying for several places around Angola,
representing the continuous wave of physical violent aggressions to FpD
members in Malange, removal of documents and signatures process; police
arrest (in Kwanza-Norte province), physical aggressions to members of FpD in
Katchiungo (Huambo province) by JMPLA (the MPLA - ruling party, youth
organization); intimidation's and persecutions of members and activists of
FpD in Cabinda province, in Bengo province, many of those made by members of
the SINFO (State Secret Investigation Agency).

In all those, a common way of act: removal of signature files or impediment
of activities next to the local populations. All political parties
(including MPLA) have the deadline of July 7 to deliver to The
Constitutional Court of Angola 15.000 signature files in order to take part
in the September 5 elections. Those who cannot deliver those signatures will
not be able to run for elections.

6. All these types of events have been promptly informed by FpD to the
Angola Government (run by MPLA), to the CNE (National Election Comission),
and publicly denounced and a motive for a press conference by the Secretary
General of FpD (Mr. Luis de Nascimento) at the national FpD headquarters in

Until now, we have not seen any attitude or action from the State or
Government in order to stop this dangerous process of violence, intimidation
and persecution of FpD members and supporters.

We know that FpD is not the only victim of this current situation, several
other political opposition parties such as UNITA, PAJOCA, and PLD have been
victims of this election crisis.

Ruling MPLA had already formalized his legislative election candidature,
also has the political party PRS.

But FpD asks, what about the other political parties? Specially, how can
they formalize their candidatures if they are under violence and
intimidation attacks?
Why all this violence?

And more:
Why The Constitutional Court of Angola only started operating in June 25
Why the CNE didn't informed the citizens of the legal right of the political
parties to take photocopies of their electoral cards?

Why the run State information organs such as the public television (TPA, the
only TV station operating), public radio (RNA, the only radio with national
broadcast authorisation from the Government), daily newspaper (Jornal de
Angola, the only daily newspaper in the country), the Angola Press Agency
(ANGOP, the only one), did not clearly and regularly made information
updates regarding that need of the political parties, so that the citizens
could know and participate in those signatures, freely and peacefully?

Why all those public state run information and news services are running a
"only MPLA/ MPLA-Government" kind of propaganda attitude?

Why several photocopying services around the country were forbidden of
taking elector citizen cards copies, if the Government new that the
political parties would require that service?

Why was it so difficult to have proper information available for the
political parties to know how and where to do their legislative election
And why the elections date was announced so on top of election date deadline
(Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, only formalized elections
in June 4)?

Finally, why some political parties suffer violence and persecution and
others do not?

We strongly believe that Angolans and the international community should ask
the ruling party MPLA and ruling head of state those questions.

We strongly ask the international community to take action.

We also strongly urge the international community to send observers (in
great quantity) since now (not just in August) in order to stop the violence
and guarantee free and safe elections.

This Monday, July 7, all political parties have the deadline to deliver to
The Constitutional Court their signatures, FpD would like to make it clear
to the Angolan people and to the world that if FpD cannot deliver the 15.000
signatures and compel to the law and take part in the September 5 Angolan
elections, it with will be due the facts stated in this message.


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